When planning our Disneyland trips we focus on making the most of every moment and yep you guessed it, the FOOD!

The Good Bits Inside Out


Let’s talk about having the best Disneyland Experience possible.  First, make sure you plan enough days that you don’t feel rushed for time and can experience all the magic that Disneyland has to offer.  We have found that three days is about the minimum without having to kill yourself running from place to place and not relaxing for even a second in order accomplish everything you’d like to.  The parks are much more enjoyable if you can let the Disneyland magic happen around you. When one of the performing groups appear on main street while your passing, stop and enjoy, if the mariachi or jazz bands start playing while your eating your meal, stick around and relax.  These unplanned moments make some of the best memories.


Take time to see the shows (check the back of your park map for current shows and showtimes).  Scattered through the parks are stages and theaters that not only provide quality entertainment but an opportunity to rest your feet, have a snack and cool off. This little trick will add hours to your park day just by giving your legs a brake.

Disney California Adventure

Check the reflection!


We recommend that you get the Max Pass added to your ticket.  What this does is makes a reservation for you in a shorter line on whichever ride you choose that has the Max Pass option.  It saves a lot of time, stiff legs and sore feet. We just consider it part of the cost of our admission tickets, because the stand by lines are not only longer because of the max pass but always get bumped if there is an issue with the ride (fast/max pass has priority).  There are limitations and waiting periods as far as getting each max pass but we will do a deeper dive into the “how to” in a another post and video.


Check out the Disneyland “Must Eats” section on thegoodbitsvlog.com for our favorites but make sure you make food a priority and part of your planning.  Tip number one would be to share everything.  We love the food at Disneyland and want to experience as much of it as possible, so we always share.  We’ll purchase one of everything we would like to try and everyone enjoys together.  I would say this saves money but it usually means we eat twice as often because we never get stuffed (also a perk of sharing, you’re never too full to ride rides).  Tip number two would be to make reservations before you go.  Some of the best restaurants are fully booked days out.


The last tip for your next trip to Disneyland is to GET OUT OF BED! I know you are on vacation but most of the time you will get more done in the first four hours than the whole rest of the day.  This is the best time to get in all the rides that do not have the Max Pass option and see any characters before the lines get long.

Check back often to see some deep dives into our tips and tricks we use while visiting the parks!

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